The ExpertLogic Approach

ExpertLogic is a professional and dedicated team of expert software developers. We apply logic to problems to help our clients identify a solution. Our processes are efficient, thorough and clear. We adhere to very high level of standards. Our client communication is clear, easy to understand, logical and informative.

Expert Logic at the BWCA Conference
Our HOD's at the BWCA Conference 2019

Meet our HOD'S



Alban the founder of ExpertLogic Limited has over 30+ years experience building bespoke systems. Alban leads the technical team adhering to ExpertLogic’s strict standards.


Senior Developer

Kieran, our senior Development & project manager has in depth knowledge of Mobile technologies and our specialist service control adviser.


Marketing Manager

Christopher, our Marketing and Sales Manager oversees the branding and marketing of all ExpertLogic’s products and services.


Media Manager

Joann, our Media Manager oversees all of ExpertLogic’s Graphics, icons & professional photography/ video content.


Office Manager

Jenna, our Office Manager oversees all of Expertlogic’s Administration, Policies and Legal matters.

Cost Effective

ExpertLogic specialises in the development of cost effective custom software using the latest technology. We also have a vast library of tried and tested ready-to-run applications. The applications cover a diverse area and include; Credit Control, Payroll, Training & Personnel, Housing Management, Service Control, Mobile Data Collection and Order Processing & Distribution. Over recent years ExpertLogic have packaged two of the most popular distribution and service control products and integrated them into CoolLogic and ServiceLogic.

Customer Loyalty

Expertlogic are very proud of the relationship that they forge with their clients which is illustrated by the longevity of the relationships many of which extend back to the inception of the business. Expertlogic acquires the majority of its business as repeat business from existing customers and recommendations some of whom employ the services of Expertlogic on a retainer basis that is testament to the quality of the products and services provided by the company.

can we help ?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have relating to our products and services.