ServiceLogic Planned Service and Resource Scheduling

The volume of data, varying program schedules, multiple contracts to name just a few are some of the contributing factors that dictate the need for a fast, flexible efficient planned service scheduling system. The various stages of the process listed below are fully audited at each stage with password protected reversal and deletion functions.

ServiceLogic - Planning and Scheduling

ServiceLogic Main Processes

Batch Service Date

The batch service date process allows for the bulk removal of services to the ‘processing pot’. The program months will allocate the services for the 1st of the month in the service year but in practice these services will be spread over the month. The dates can be changed on block by contract with a from and a to date and time slot or by district/district range.

Automatic Scheduling

The automatic scheduling routine will sort locations in the pot by street and house number before scheduling ensuring minimal engineer travel time between calls. A daily number of services figure is supplied as the maximum capacity for that day any re-scheduled services already in the scheduling date range will be included in these totals. On completion batch audit details and administrator functions are available to view and print the results of the scheduling and to reverse the updates if required. ________________________________________

Notification Cards / Letter Print

Following the scheduling of the services notification cards and/or letters are produced to notify the occupier of the planned visit. The occupier is given up to two weeks to respond to change the appointment is the scheduled date is inconvenient. The call logging function can be used to achieve the re-scheduling or the location maintenance routine will also allow this function.

ServiceLogic - Planning and Scheduling

Confirming Planned Services

The confirmation stage will take the appointment set and physically generate the service calls on blocks based upon the criterion supplied. The process is fully audited.

Batch Service Allocation

With the calls created the next stage will be to pre-allocate the calls to the service engineers

Service Docket Print

Finally with the calls allocated the dockets are produced. Throughout the course of the cycle operators will be taking calls direct and re-scheduling services and as such it is difficult to keep a track of the required resources. For this reason a number of detail and summary analyses and on-screen enquiries exist within the module

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